Feature #1598

Updated by Mayer Michael over 7 years ago

Following #1597, we decided that loading of CTA event lists should be possible by specifying the name of the FITS extension in addition to the filename. I think we have to split the loading of GTIs from the loading of the event list.
We should probably modify the following functions:
* @GCTAObservation::read(GXmlElement&)@: @GCTAObservation::read(GXmlElement&): Look for "extname" attribute in xml file and store @m_extname@ as protected member.
* @GCTAObservation::read(GXmlElement&)@: @GCTAObservation::read(GXmlElement&): Look for parameter "GTIs" or "GoodTimeIntervals" an store protected strings @m_gti_filename@, @m_gti_extname@.
* @GEvents::load()@ (in all derived classes) to add @std::string& extname@. Use "EVENTS" as default.
* @GCTAEventList::read()@ to use the correct HDU.
* @GCTAEventList@ add function @load_gti@(std::string filename, std::string extname)@
* @GCTAObservation::load(std::string filename, std::string extname)@ to call @m_events->load_gti(m_gti_filename, m_gti_extname)@