GammaLib-00-09-00 release

Added by Knödlseder Jürgen over 9 years ago

The GammaLib version 0.9.0 has been released.

The release includes the following changes:
  • Add energy dispersion to CTA module
  • Add pointing table support to CTA module
  • Add event filtering for binned analysis
  • Add +=, -=, *= and /= operators to GSkymap
  • Add integration status tracking to GIntegral
  • Add GCTAExposure and GCTAMeanPsf classes
  • Add ts and tscalc attributes to GModel and use them in models
  • Add manipulation methods to GCTAResponseTable
  • Add read(), write() and save() methods to GCTAPsf2D and GCTAPsfKing
  • Add classname() method to all classes
  • Add utc() methods to GTime class
  • Add hierachical element access methods to GXml and GXmlNode
  • Add table creation and saving methods to GCsv class
  • Add predefined entity support to XML module
  • Read/write altitude and azimuth attributes of CTA data
  • Refactor CTA response class, add GCTAResponseCube class
  • Improve CTA response computation for extended models
  • Implement CTA stacked analysis
  • Optimize CTA binned and stacked analysis
  • LM optimizer now allows logL decreases up to 1.0
  • Load events only when needed into GCTAObservation
  • Implement full automatic typecasting in Python module
  • Fill DETX and DETY values in GCTAResponseIrf::mc
  • Rename GCTAModelBackground to GCTAModelCubeBackground
  • Rename GCTAModelInstBackground to GCTAModelIrfBackground
  • Rename GIntegral::romb() to GIntegral::romberg()
  • Correctly take into account logfile name change in Python
  • Correctly use DETX/DETY in radians in GCTAInstDir
  • Introduce class codes to avoid dynamic type casting
  • Remove error computation from optimization
  • Add GOptimize::errors() method for error computation
  • Add support for user and save CTA energy thresholds
  • Several bug corrections