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05:16 PM ctools Bug #2762 (Closed): ctulimit fails with 1.6.0 dev1 when the best fit parameter hits its lowest al...
Doing some analysis for putting an upper limit on Dark Matter flux with 1.6.0 dev1 version of the ctools we noticed a...


03:16 PM GammaLib Bug #2708 (Closed): Problems with CR simulation
We have observed a strange behaviour in the number of counts as a function of energy in the data simulated with ctool...


05:02 PM ctools Feature #2662 (Closed): ctlike/ctulimit tolerance
We noticed that for a weak dark matter signal above CR background, ctlike and ctulimit return results too good to be ...


10:25 AM ctools Support #2655 (Closed): negative slope for CR
We were doing a simulation of a cosmic ray background with a spectral model given by a constant (i.e. powerlaw with a...


07:40 PM ctools Change request #2298 (Closed): Diffuse sources flux
We are involved in data simulation and analysis activity on dark matter. Simulating the data and fitting it with ctoo...

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