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Re-organise CTA class names

Added by Knödlseder Jürgen almost 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Target version:1.0.0


The number of CTA specific classes now becomes pretty large, and we start getting confusion with naming conventions. It thus seem appropriate to re-organise the CTA classes naming conventions before we go to release 1.0.0.

Here a proposal of how to re-organise names:
  • The response is factorized into Aeff, Psf, Edisp and Background. To make clear that the related classes are part of the Instrument Response Function I’d propose to prepend Irf, e.g. GCTAIrfAeff, GCTAIrfAeff2D, GCTAIrfAeffArf, ..., GCTAIrfPsf, ..., GCTAIrfEdisp, ..., GCTAIrfBackground.
  • All CTA specific models start with GCTAModel (already implemented@
  • All cube-style specific classes start with GCTACube, e.g. GCTACubeExposure, GCTACubePsf, GCTACubeBackground; the only exception would be GCTAEventCube that derives from GEventCube


No recurrence.


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I did the following changes to class names:
  • GCTAExposureGCTACubeExposure
  • GCTAMeanPsfGCTACubePsf
  • GCTASourceCubeGCTACubeSource
  • GCTASourceCubeDiffuseGCTACubeSourceDiffuse
  • GCTASourceCubePointSourceGCTACubeSourcePoint

I did not rename the other IRF classes to GCTAIrf... as this creates very bulky class names for little gain. Hence only cube analysis classes will get special GCTACube... names to distinguish classes for this analysis type from the other classes.

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Adapt also ctools code and merge changes into devel.

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