Bug #1472

Error during integration when using energy dispersion

Added by Mayer Michael over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Target version:1.0.0


Currently, when using the energy dispersion there seems to be a problem with the integration.
I get the following error when running ctlike:

ctlike edisp=yes
Event list, counts cube or observation definition file [sel_obs.xml] 
Source model [crab.xml] 
Source model output file [crab_results.xml] 
*** ERROR encounterted in the execution of ctlike. Run aborted ...
*** ERROR in GIntegral::romberg(double&, double&, int&): Invalid argument. Requested integration order 5 is larger than the maximum number of iterations 4. Either reduced the integration order or increase the (maximum) number of iterations.

There must be some fixed value somewhere which conflicts with the default integration setup of GIntegral


No recurrence.


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Sorry for that. I changed recently all integrations using a fixed number of iterations, and I set the energy dispersion integrations to a too small number of iterations, leading to the exception you observed.

I increase now the number of iterations, should be fixed in devel.

Note that there seem to be issues still with the RMF and 2D responses (see #1036). So please use energy dispersion with care.

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