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Add ASTRI as supported instrument type for the CTA module

Added by Knödlseder Jürgen about 1 month ago. Updated 28 days ago.

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Target version:2.0.0


So far, ASTRI is not explicitly supported as gamma-ray instrument in the CTA module. ASTRI should be added as an additional instrument, and specifically, astri should be supported as a separate caldb entry. See the following exchange with Pat Romano for details:

Dear Pat,

Thanks for your message.

Indeed, the “cta” string is hardcoded (I think in a single place), and I think it would be pretty easy to change the code so that “astri” would be used in case that an ASTRI observation is concerned. For that purpose I would propose that we introduce “ASTRI” as a new possible instrument name to be used in an XML file as instrument attribute. “ASTRI” should then also be used as the TELESCOP keyword in the FITS files so that when reading a FITS file it will automatically generate an ASTRI observation. Probably an instrument parameter should also be added to ctobssim, so that simulations can also be performed for ASTRI data. Maybe a few other minor tweeks are needed.

If this sounds reasonable for you I would go ahead and make some changes to the ctools/GammaLib version you can test then on your side before I release the new 2.0.0 ctools version.


Le 24 mai 2022 à 12:10, Pat Romano <> a écrit :

Dear Jurgen,

I am working on creating the ASTRI caldb-style IRF distribution.
I have been simulating ASTRI data with ctools for a three
years now, but so far, just to be quick, I had put the ASTRI IRFs
in a mock cta distribution, like


Now, however, we have the first bunch of IRFs to distribute to
the scientific community and I’d like to provide a proper path
for the caldb... but it looks like ctools expects “cta”
to be in the path.

I saw in the FAQs that ctools is not meant for other telescopes,
but I was hoping the selection would not be so strict...
Is there any hope that in the future at least the look-up for the
IRFs would not be CTA-specific?
I can certainly create two caldb distributions, one for ctools
users and one for gammapy users, but it would be cleaner to just
have one :)



No recurrence.


#1 Updated by Knödlseder Jürgen about 1 month ago

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I added ASTRI to the possible instruments in GCTAObservation and GCTAOnOffObservation.

In addition, the GCTAResponseIrf::read now try to extract the instrument from the XML instrument attribute, and only if no such attribute was found, cta will be assumed as default instrument. This should allow specifying different instruments in the observation definition XML file that will then search in the corresponding caldb for the specified response.

In the ctool::create_cta_obs method I added the optional reading of the instrument parameter and the setting of the corresponding instrument member of the GCTAObservation instance. To use this functionality, I added instrument parameters to ctobssim and ctmodel.

I furthermore added ASTRI to the possible instruments in ctbkgcube::process.

Finally, I assigned the first valid instrument in the ctbin::obs_cube_stacked method to the stacked observation. This allows then also stacking of ASTRI observations.

#2 Updated by Knödlseder Jürgen about 1 month ago

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I added also support for FACT, and added ASTRI and FACT as possible instruments to the parameter files of the following cscripts:
  • csebins
  • csobsdef
  • cspull
  • cssens
  • cstsdist

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