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Feature #3973 (Closed): Implement support for COMPTEL pulsar analysis
Support should be added to GammaLib to allow ... remis JPL Epheremis at epoch 2000.0 are used. 01/06/2022 06:34 PM
Action #1276 (Rejected): Convert TEX documents in doc/dev to RST and images from EPS to PNG
There's still a bunch of of TEX documents and ... hat are outdated and can simply be removed? 07/11/2014 05:29 PM
Bug #626 (Closed): Unit test crashes on 10.7 Mac
On my 10.7 Mac (soon to be used as a Jenkins ... ed throwing an exceptionAbort trap: 6 </pre> 12/06/2012 02:38 PM
Wiki: GammaLib_directory_structure
{{lastupdated_at}} by {{lastupdated_by}} { ... rwxr-xr-x 6 jurgen staff 204 12 oct 21:35 sdd <= Software Design Description drwxr-xr ... e @test_GObservation.cpp@ for an example. 10/12/2012 10:29 PM
Change request #558 (Closed): Gammalib CDC: Coding and Design Conventions
h1. Feedback on the document Here's my fee ... Note that there is also a document "Gammalib SDD: Software Design Description" draft from 23 May 2010, located at @doc/dev/sdd/gammalib_sdd.tex@ in the gammalib repo which is relevant ... plate and duplicated documentation / code.) 10/12/2012 01:09 PM