Updated about 6 years ago by Knödlseder Jürgen

GammaLib-00-08-00 release

This release of GammaLib contains the following changes:

  • Major review of public interfaces of all classes
  • Reorganize sky models
  • Introduce GContainer interface class
  • Add Virtual Observatory support
  • Introduce GUrl classes for transparent URL handling
  • Make use of GUrl class in XML I/O
  • Optimize computations
  • Introduce gammalib namespace for constants and functions
  • GModelSpatialDiffuseCube reads ENERGIES extension
  • Add sky region handling
  • Add on/off analysis support for CTA
  • Add xspec interface support
  • Rework registry classes to remove memory leaks on termination
  • Add support for variable-length FITS columns
  • Generalise GSkyPixel to 1D and 2D pixelisations
  • Added King profile PSF for CTA
  • Reorganise GOptimizerPars class and add GOptimizerPar class
  • Put likelihood computation in GObservation class
  • Add broken power law spectral model
  • Add Gaussian spectral model
  • Update parameter files if necessary
  • Implement exact sky map pixel solid angle computation
  • Rename the following classes:
    • GWcs ⇒ GSkyProjection
    • GWcslib ⇒ GWcs
    • GWcsHPX ⇒ GHealpix
    • GPar ⇒ GApplicationPar
    • GPars ⇒ GApplicationPars

A major interface review has been conducted for the GammaLib-00-08-00 release, bringing the library a substantial step closer to the first stable release.

This release brings new spectral functions, support for variable length FITS columns, first steps towards Virtual Observatory support, optimized computations, and improved computation of sky map pixel solid angles, and support for CTA on-off observation analysis. For CTA, template-based background models are now also available, and a King profile PSF has been implemented.

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