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Development Notes

This page summarizes development notes for the GammaLib software.

The page is organized following the module structure of GammaLib. Please use these pages to track your developments and any information related to your coding. For example, note the basic assumptions that have been made in implementing the code. Or note a kluge that was used. Also, specify if things need to be improved further.

If you add a new page, please put

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As introduction, here are a number of useful links and pages that introduce the style and methods that are used for the GammaLib developments.

General considerations

Base classes (base)

High-level analysis support

Observation handling (obs)

Model handling (model)

Skymap handling (sky)

Application handling (app)

Instrument specific modules (inst)

Core services

Numerics (numerics)

Linear algebra (linalg)

Optimizers (opt)

Support functions (support)


FITS interface (fits)

XML interface (xml)

Virtual Observatory interface (vo)

Test suites (test)

Python bindings

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