Updated about 6 years ago by Knödlseder Jürgen

GammaLib-00-08-01 release

This is a bug fix release that aims in correcting issues reported on the recent 00-08-00 release. The following changes have been done:

  • Added missing hyphens in pfiles synchronisation section (#1091)
  • Add configuration test script (#1091)
  • GModelSky, GCTAModelBackground and GCTAModelRadialAcceptance write id attribute into XML file (#1092)
  • Add GChatter typedef to Python interface
  • GAMMALIB_CALDB takes precedence over CALDB environment variable (#1094)
  • Added vo module and GVOClient class to Python interface
  • Track results of Python unit tests (#1119)
  • Clean-up calibration database interface (#1102)
  • Correct 2D PSF Monte-Carlo simulations (#1128)
  • Correct deadtime computation for CTA non point source response (#1133)

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