GCTAModelBackground and GCTAModelInstBackground names

Added by Knödlseder Jürgen over 9 years ago

Coming back after a while to GammaLib coding I forgot what the difference between GCTAModelBackground and GCTAModelInstBackground was. After looking into the code I remembered that GCTAModelBackground was the class developed at the 2nd coding sprint that models the background using a cube file, while GCTAModelInstBackground was doing a similar thing, but using automatically the IRF. The second provides a clearer separation between observation realm and model realm, while the first provides full control over the background model. We likely would like to keep both.

I was thus considering whether it were not better to rename these classes to make things clearer.

For example:
  • GCTAModelInstBackground could become GCTAModelIrfBackground
  • GCTAModelBackground could become GCTAModelCubeBackground
The model types (which are in the XML file) should then probably also be renamed, for example:
  • CTAIrfBackground for GCTAModelIrfBackground (now CTAInstBackground)
  • CTACubeBackground for GCTAModelCubeBackground (now CTABackground)

Any opinions?

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RE: GCTAModelBackground and GCTAModelInstBackground names - Added by Deil Christoph over 9 years ago

+1 to more explicit names.
Your new suggestions sound very good from your description, but I have to admit I haven’t used those classes or looked at the code.

RE: GCTAModelBackground and GCTAModelInstBackground names - Added by Lu Chia-Chun over 9 years ago

I like the new names, more easy to understand.