ctools version 0.9.0 release

Added by Knödlseder Jürgen about 8 years ago

ctools version 0.9.0 has been release.

This is (hopefully) the final release before ctools version 1.0, and the release implements most of the features and issues that are scheduled for version 1.0. New with this version are the official CTA Instrument Response Functions that are bundled now within ctools.

The following changes have been implemented with respect to the previous release:

  • Adapt to GammaLib 0.10.0 interface
  • Do not import automatically Python scripts
  • Support INDEF/NONE/UNDEF/UNDEFINED parameters in ctselect
  • Modify cssens parameter interface (#1426)
  • Add csobsdef script (#1429)
  • Add ctulimit tool (#1363)
  • Allow ctmodel usage for stacked analysis from command line
  • Correct rate check in ctobssim for map cubes (#1452)
  • Handle background cubes for stacked analysis (#1371)
  • Add csspec script (#1364)
  • Add cslightcrv script (#1365)
  • Correct sensitivity computation in cssens

ctools version 0.9.0 requires gammalib version 0.10.0.