GammaLib version 0.11.0 release

GammaLib version 0.11.0 has been released. This version is feature complete with respect to the planned 1.0 release.
Added by Knödlseder Jürgen over 8 years ago

GammaLib version 0.11.0 has been released.

This is the final release before GammaLib version 1.0. The release implements all features that are scheduled for version 1.0, and serves as a beta release for version 1.0. The package has undergone extensive science verifications.

The following changes have been implemented with respect to the previous release:
  • Add need_help() method to GApplication (#572)
  • Correct GModelSpatialDiffuseCube computations (#1559)
  • Add save() and write() methods to GModelSpatialDiffuseCube
  • Add interval constructor and set methods to GEnergies class
  • Add Python unit test function to gammalib module (#1486)
  • Increase CTA IRF integration precision for shell model (#1521)
  • Correctly handle MC simulations for unnormalized diffuse maps (#1548)
  • Improve precision of shell model in unbinned analysis (#1521)
  • Add GCTAModelAeffBackground class
  • Remove small angle approximation from GModelSpatialRadialShell
  • Rename GSkymap to GSkyMap
  • Add binary operators to GSkymap class
  • GSkymap::operator/=(GSkymap) operator now ignores division by zero
  • Remove deadtime correction from GCTAModelCubeBackground (#1503)
  • Add GCTAObservation::object() method
  • Correct model gradient computation
  • Correct check of pixel containment in sky map (GSkymap::contains())
  • Do only search in users pfiles if PFILES environment variable is not set
  • Correct GModelSpatialDiffuseConst::mc() method (#1480)
  • Add is_valid() method to GCTARoi and write keywords only if ROI is valid (#1476)
  • Increased number of integration iterations for energy dispersion (#1472)
  • Add GOptimizerLM::logger() method, logger constructor takes pointer (#1471)
  • Replaced fixed precision integration by fixed iterations (#1466)
  • Implement rejection method for skymap Monte Carlo (#1465)