ctools version 0.10.0 release

ctools version 0.10.0 has been released. This version is feature complete with respect to the planned 1.0 release.
Added by Knödlseder Jürgen over 7 years ago

ctools version 0.10.0 has been released.

This is the final release before ctools version 1.0. The release implements all features that are scheduled for version 1.0, and serves as a beta release for version 1.0. The package has undergone extensive science verifications.

The following changes have been implemented with respect to the previous release:
  • Add science verification tests (#1555)
  • Specifying --help on command line displays help text (#572)
  • Limit power law parameters in ctbkgcube (#1547)
  • Extend cspull to stacked analysis (#1503)
  • Add tests for installed ctools version (#1486)
  • Create cscripts Python module, move obsutils in that module (#1470)
  • Add csinfo script (#1489)
  • Removed obsutils.spectrum() function (replaced by csspec)
  • Add cterror tool
  • Check existence of ROI in ctbin (#1476)
  • Allocate optimizer in ctlike upon construction (#1471)
  • Move cscripts into the ctools Python module (#1470)