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Development HowTo

How to add a new ctool

Follow the steps below to add a new ctool:
  • step into src and copy an existing ctool, e.g. cp -r ctselect ctnewtool
  • step into the new direction (here cd ctnewtool) and rename all files to the new names
  • adapt the Makefile.am to the new names
  • go back to src and add the new tool in Makefile.am: add a line to SUBDIRS with the name of the new subdirectory, and add the corresponding library to libctools_la_LIBADD
  • go to the ctools root directory and add a entry to AC_CONFIG_FILES list in the configure.ac script (at the end of the section) (here the entry to be added would be src/ctnewtool/Makefile
  • now regenerate the configuration and Makefiles using ./autogen.sh
  • then reconfigure using ./configure
  • now build using make

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