GammaLib version 0.10.0 release

Added by Knödlseder Jürgen almost 9 years ago

GammaLib version 0.10.0 has been released.

This is (hopefully) the final release before GammaLib version 1.0, and the release implements most of the features and issues that are scheduled for version 1.0. New with this version are the official CTA Instrument Response Functions that are bundled now within GammaLib.

The following changes have been implemented with respect to the previous release:

  • Add optional PHASE information to CTA event lists
  • Use URL path informtion in GVOClient connection to Hub
  • Ignore empty string parameters in GModel::is_valid()
  • Add some constructors
  • Add classname methods to Python interface (#1321)
  • Rename CTA cube analysis classes (#1269)
  • Do not dump unqueried parameters (#1349)
  • Add GBilinear class
  • Add WCS projections (MOL)
  • Add GXmlElement::has_attribute() method
  • Add GSkymap scaling operators (#1296)
  • Add GSkymap::extract() method (#1442)
  • Implement GApplicationPar range checking (#285)
  • Forbid appending to text, comment and PI XML nodes (#804)
  • Increase precision for diffuse model Npred computation (#1248)
  • Implement observation definition reader/writer (#1429)
  • Remove etrue flag from CTA background IRF (#1437)
  • Allow appending of empty intervals to GEbounds and GGti
  • Add single interval constructor to GGti
  • Allow calling GNodeArray::set_value() for a single node
  • Add GTI and livetime information to GCTACubeExposure
  • Add GModelSpatial::contains method (#1446)
  • Add GModelSpatialEllipticalGauss class (#1412)
  • Add GVOHub class (#1229)
  • Add CTA Prod2 instrument response function (#1464)